The diesel engine is due to its efficiency, robustness and various applicability currently the most efficient drive train. The increasing public environmental and health awareness causes the legislator to continually tighten the emission legislation. This also causes a nationwide introduction of exhaust aftertreatment technologies for combustion engines.

In order to keep the attractiveness of the combustion engine in future, its efficiency and environmental sustainability have to be further increased. Therefore existing technologies have to be enhanced and new solutions for the exhaust aftertreatment of alternative fuels and electrified drive trains must be found.

As research association for diesel emission control technologies the FAD e.V. will take on this challenge.

About Us

The research association for diesel emission control technologies (FAD e.V.) was founded on July 14, 2000 with the purpose to further develop and promote all exhaust aftertreatment technologies that effectively reduce pollutant emissions of diesel engines. The FAD supports its members and partners in development, evaluation and adjustment of exhaust aftertreatment technologies and works as link between legislator, technology manufacturer and technology user.

By the promotion of technology development and the publication of latest developments in research and practice the long term functionality, performance and economy of exhaust aftertreatment systems, especially regarding effective environmental regulations, shall be enhanced. A further aim of the FAD e.V. is the evaluation and sustainable quality assurance of offered exhaust aftertreatment systems, particularly for retrofit.